The Music Style Calle 13 Essay

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Rene Perez Joglar “ El Redidente” and Eduardo Jose Cabra Martinez “El Visitante” are the Puerto Rican step brothers that formulated the band Calle 13 in 2005. The music style Calle 13 incorporates in their music is Reggaeton with a range of different Latin American genres. Reggaeton originated from Puerto Rico,it is a collaboration of latin dancehall and rap. Unlike many rappers, this particular Latin American band use their music to speak upon the current issues people are facing instead of the usual money sex and fame. From the name of the band “Calle 13” to their stage name is a form of expressing political and social issues in Latin Americans have to deal with. These stepbrothers made their music an outlet for political outrage. Calle 13 is one of Puerto Rico’s most impoverished neighborhoods and is where Rene Perez was raised in.When his step brother used to visit him he would have to answer the question “If he was a resident or visiting the gated community?” Sincethen Rene Perez became the Residente and Eduardo Jose Cabra was known as El Visitante. The Latin American duo hoped to provide a voice for the Hispanic people not only in Puerto Rico but also in other Latin American countries that have been suppressed by laws and policies that were fabricated by an overpowered government. Even with their 1st debut single “Atrevete” in 2005 that explicitly spoke about advancing gay rights that Latin American countries tried to oppress and silence the…

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