The Music Of Indi Music That My Interview Subject, Mr. Ravi David

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This final project will discuss the music of India, specifically the music that my interview subject, Mr. Ravi David, grew up listening to. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Ravi David, a member of Bayview Glen Church, in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. He is a retired gentleman who serves as an Elder in my church. He was born in India in the 1950’s and lived there until he old. He was raised in a traditional Indian family; however, he is a seventh generation Christian. Due to his fathers work with the Indian government, he and his family moved around quite a bit during his childhood. Despite moving around, he and his family spent the most time in the city of Chennai. Following an arranged marriage, he married his wife, Krupa, and they both immigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the 1980s.
My presupposed ideas was that Mr. David was a new Christian and therefore his experiences in India involved the worshiping of various gods and was surprised that his family, although living in India, were followers of Christ and did not.
Mr. David offered some background information about the India and what he observed growing up. “Most of the country, especially the town I was growing up in, was Hindu. About 80% of the country was Hindu, 15% were Muslim, while 2% were Christians. The remaining 3% did not follow any religious practice.” The music cultures he was exposed to during his childhood involved many of these religions, as well as Western music.
Growing up in independent India…

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