I Love College Analysis

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Asher roth song “ I Love College” reflects the culture of the 2000S as a college anthem. The song is categorized through its melody , texture, and its word-music relationships. The key instruments used in the song are a drum and a gutier, those instruments are really used in pop, country, and rock music.The way asher roth has the guitar playing out throughout the whole song with the amazing beat is wonderfully laid out it's a catching tune that mostly everybody can sing along too, he put so many genres in one song just because of it. Many other artist are joined along with roth and the way his songs are played out with the smooth guitar beat and made it into a hip hop type of song. A little background about Asher Roth was born August eleventh,nineteen eighty five Morrisville,pennsylvania his occupations is a rapper, his years active started in 2005 and is still present today.He was nominated in two thousand nine for the MTV Video music award for best new artist and for best Hip-hop video. He went to the university of west chester which he chose to major in elementary education.

The form is a mixture of pop and rap music. For us
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Roth form of combining hip hop and pop was amazing and you could tell from his form of the gutier to the drums even a little bit of saxophone in the song made the song have pop in it, the hip hop came from his lyrics and the way he song it which was a crazy combination but he combined them so perfectly you couldn't even tell.The melody of the song covers over the whole song and it really explains to us why most of us minimalism love college and wish just we could go to college for the rest of our lives. I also learned a lot about the song as a researched more about It and It really amazed me to see all the things about the song and the

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