Essay The Music Of A Touring Indie Artist

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Because of this, there is less money for record labels to give to their artists. “To compensate for the fall-off in record sales, musicians are touring for longer stretches and are being forced to cobble together a living by any means necessary, from licensing songs to any TV show . . . to asking fans to contribute to their recording costs (Browne). Indie musicians and other small bands are directly affected by music streaming because they count on music sales as their largest source or revenue. Since record labels are not able to appropriately fund small bands, indie musicians often must independently pay for parts of tour and recording costs. Indie artists pay for the entirety of their expenses, which nearly seems impossible to do with the minimal amounts of money they make in the beginnings of their careers. Jack Conte, member of the indie band Pomplamoose and CEO of a fundraising website for artists, speaks about the life of a touring indie artist. He says, “Being in an indie band is running a never-ending, rewarding, scary, low-margin small business . . . In order to plan and execute our Fall tour, we had to prepare for months, slowly gathering risk and debt . . . We don’t have a label lending us ‘tour support.’ We put those expenses right on our credit cards” (Conte). Pomplamoose’s expenses were greater than their income, causing them to lose about $12,000 from the tour. Having played 24 shows, they spent $148,000 and earned $136,000. (Conte). Indie bands can never go…

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