Essay on The Museum And The Site

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you can gain a deeper understanding of what has occurred. The museum and the site itself give a person a window into the Antebellum time period and what happened to the people that lived in it.
Another significant aspect of Mission San Jose is that it allows you to understand the general attitude towards non-Europeans, or in this case, Native American’s at the time. Despite being converted to Christianity, it’s clear that the racism towards non-Europeans was still present towards Native Americans. Examples that can enhance understanding of this can be found in the history of Mission San Jose. According to the history provided by the museum, the Native American’s were abused by soldiers, and their culture was being taken away from them. Those who wanted to leave the Mission for various reasons were brought back by force. Tensions came to a head when a rebellion led by a Native American “Alcalde Estanislao” took place from 1828-1829. Priests were killed, and the rebellion was ended when those participating in the rebellion were killed or hanged. According to the site’s history, tensions between the Spanish Missionaries and Native Americans were often a problem at the Mission.
These events give more significance to Mission San Jose, in that it stands as a testament to the injustices Native American’s faced as Europeans slowly began to conquer the entirety of North America. The museum itself, though providing neutral commentary on the subject of the Native American’s many…

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