The Murders In The Rue Morgue Analysis

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Poe puts two important literary styles in his story “ Murder”, which consist of his point of views and Gothic elements. In "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" it states in this quote on page 352 in illustrated Entire Stories it states, “the analyst throws himself into the spirit of his opponent to identify himself therewith” (Poe, Barger, Clarke, and Doré 352). Dupin unable to solved the case, take on a new of point of view. Dupin has to think like a criminal. Dupin uses his reasonable deduction skills to understand the mind of the criminal, who is a heinous person, that has an ape as a pet. Dupin enters the mind of a criminal, which allowed him to crack the case. Dupin takes on the traits of the criminal, solving the case, which bewilders …show more content…
Poe has the readers thinking about the good side of Dupin, a detective verses the bad side of Dupin, a thief, who steals evidence to crack the case. Dupin steals evidences, a letter from Pastor D. The scene shows Dupin, as a private investigator and a crock, who found his old criminal habits hard to break. The letter symbolizes awareness and vision, as the letter is in front of the pastor, unaware that Dupin is after the letter, and his reasons for being in the apartment. An old saying that the author embodies is seen in this quote “if it was a snake it would of bit you”, meaning sometimes we have hardest time finding something that is in front of us. Poe also has Gothic elements in some of the scenes in the story. The murder occurs in the apartment where bloody bodies were all over. Poe gives the readers an unpleasant, violent, tone as the killers bring carnage to the scene, keeping the readers somber state of mind. On it states “On a chair lay a razor, besmeared with blood. On the hearth were two or three long and thick tresses of grey human hair, also dabbled in blood, and seeming to have been pulled out by the roots”(Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - The Life and Writings of Edgar Allan Poe). The quote has Gothic elements from the blood on the razor, to the blood on the hair he found at the crime scene. This description shows a gruesome and fearful scene that gives it a Gothic mood. It also describes the smoking gun of the case, as to the actually murderer. Poe creates a Gothic mood to fright and put fear into the readers' heart by using words like blood and

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