The Murder Of Michael Brown 's Murder Essay

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What Led to Michael Brown’s Murder
Racism has been a controversial issue in the United States for decades. It dates back to early America with African-Americans. In addition, the African slave trade as well contributed to the nature of racism within the American culture. On August 9th, 2014 Michael Brown, a young black male was gunned down by a white police officer while he was walking with his friend Dorian Johnson. Even though the majority of people believe that we live in a post-racial society; racism still exists today in an invisible form and has great implications with today’s crimes such as the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. To really comprehend what happened in the city of Ferguson, there needs to be an understanding of the history of colonialism, imperialism, and slavery that have allowed for the murder of Michael Brown to occur. Colonialism is the practice of obtaining complete or limited political control over another country (Oxford dictionary). Going back to early America when Africans were attacked on their homeland, relocated, and forcibly integrated into European Culture is an effect of Colonialism. Europeans at the start of 1492 colonized African lands and throughout early America continued to colonize Africa and other territories to gain more economic power over other countries (The History of Slavery in America). “By 1820 nearly 8.7 million slaves had departed from Africa for the New World” (Davis p. 106). Imperialism is an idea that drives a certain…

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