The Murder Of Emmett Till And The Major Goals Of The American Civil Rights Movement

The Murder of Emmett Till

One of the major goals of the American Civil Rights Movement was to give all people, regardless of race, equal rights. Many people fought for their rights, no matter how dangerous it was. Events that occured made it possible for blacks to be able to be equal with whites. The murder of Emmett Till, helped many people find the courage to stand up against violence.

There were many events that caused Emmett Till to be murdered. When Till was 14 years old, he went to a town called Money, Mississippi to visit his cousins. His mom had warned him to be careful and to not get into trouble. On August 24th, Till was with his cousins to get some candy from a store. His friends dared him to ask the white woman named
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For instance, when Rosa Parks wouldn’t get out of her seat on the bus, she wrote, “ The news of Emmett’s death caused me….to participate in the cry for justice and equal rights”. If Rosa Parks hadn’t heard about the murder of Emmett Till, she wouldn’t have refused to get out of her seat on the bus. This event also had a big effect on other blacks and it caused them to stand up for themselves. But the murder of Emmett TIll didn’t just have an effect on blacks. After the murder, whites thought it was okay for them to hurt black people and many more murders occured. Many black communities had protests to have the murderers brought to justice. Also, the murder trial provoked angry editorials and even calls from federal legislation to protect black people’s rights. Many blacks wrote about how terrible the murder was, and how they wanted to change it badly. …show more content…
Till’s mother had the people leave her son’s casket open so that people could see what awful things Bryant and Milam did. She wanted everyone to know how bad whites treated blacks. Many people who took a look at Till’s body, were appalled. His body was bloated and severely swollen, and he had bruises everywhere. As bad as it was to let people see this, Till’s mother, Mamie knew it would inspire a lot of black people to stand up for themselves. “ Let the world see what has happened, because there is no way I could describe this”- Mamie Till. She was explaining that no one would know how bad the murder was if they didn’t see for themselves. She was saying that she couldn’t even explain how wrong it was for someone to do that. Mamie Till was responsible for a lot of the pressure on Mississippi’s court system. This affected the Civil Rights Movement because it let people know at that time, that the court was wrong and the killers should have been charged with murder. Mamie Till was also willing to speak about the tragedy with people all over the United States. This fueled many more movements and protests. Blacks were beginning to see that they couldn’t just wait for something to happen, they had to fight back. And that’s exactly what blacks did. The Blood of Emmett

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