Argumentative Essay: The Murder Of Emmett Till

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Although Emmett Till wanted to visit his family, something had gone wrong. Just at the age of fourteen he was murdered. He had made a decision that he regretted terribly. Once he had said what he did he realized he had done something wrong. Emmett Till was born on July 25, 1941 in Chicago, he died on August 28, 1955. As he was growing up he went to a segregated school. He loved to pull pranks on his friends. Everyone that knew Emmett described him as funny, high spirited, and responsible. At the age of five he had received polio and made a full recovery. He was an only child, and grew up never knowing his father. He only knew his mother, her name is Mamie Till. (bio) Emmett was wanting to visit his relatives in Money, Mississippi. His mother Mamie eventually agreed to let him go there. He had left on August 20, 1955. Not …show more content…
Milam and Bryant had taken Emmett behind a old tool house where no one could see or hear what was going on. After they had brought Emmett there they had ordered him to take his clothes back off. Milam had pistol whipped him for hours. Overall, he had his eye gouged out, shot, beat, and tied to a seventy-five pound cotton gin fan and thrown into the river left for dead. A couple of children had been were fishing and had seen feet sticking out of the water. That is when they had found Emmett’s body three days after he had been missing. (history) After they had found Emmett’s body, they wanted to bury him back in Chicago. Mamie, Emmett’s mother refused to just bury him there. She wanted to have an open casket funeral to show everyone what had happened to her disfigured son. His funeral was in Chicago on September third. After it had started, Mamie was not expecting that many people to show up. Whenever the funeral came along, thousands of people had shown up to support the Civil Rights Movement Emmett had started. (Al

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