Essay about The Murder Of A Stripper

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The stench was overwhelming, foul meat, maybe, but Joey didn 't give a damn, he 'd been staking out a nightclub and searching for the weapon responsible for the murder of a stripper. Undercover cops were used to diving in dumpsters, he wiped the spoiled food off the butcher’s knife and bagged it, just another day on the job for the stocky built Irishman, a fireplug, with a relentless pursuit of bad guys. His back-up pulled in the alleyway, with the disposition of a talk show host, before his morning coffee. He barked at Joey about some stupid shit, handed him a cup of brew, and sped down 4th Street, they were on their way to the rear entrance of the police station. "Park here Tony, the morning crew isn 't in yet." The partners hadn 't checked in, and today was no different. They were there to run the prints on the weapon, something they were doing on their own time, away from the forensic team. The knife could lead them to the slain girl’s murderer, she was a friend of theirs, an informant who dished out more than information. The last time they saw her alive, she was dancing for them in a red thong; a body to die for, now laying on a slab in the city morgue.
The fingerprints were a dead end, it was back to the water board, someone was going to talk, probably with a mouth full of garden hose. They sat on a petty thief from the Westside, until he spilled, and spill he did, until he choked on his own spit. He snitched on an enforcer from East Los Angeles, a real badass, with a…

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