Terry Blair Case Study

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The horrific murders of several women that terrified the prostitutes of the Kansas City area in 2004, were caused by Terry Blair. Unknown to the authorities that Blair was determined to kill again after being put back on the streets, he was able to set out to achieve his goal. Anonymous phonecalls informed police of the intentions of the killer and the whereabouts of his victims. Terry Blair was determined to kill all prostitutes and driven by his anger to commit these crimes, until he was apprehended. He refused to admit to what he had done, but he still had to face the judge at the trial. Terry Blair was a serial killer located in Kansas City, Missouri. He raped and killed at least seven women before being imprisoned for the second. Blair …show more content…
Weeks later, the body of 38 year old Sheliah McKinzie was found on top of a corpse. The body underneath was so decomposed, that it took days before they were able to identify it as Patricia Wilson. Unaware that these two bodies were found, the killer made a call about another victim, Carmen Hunt. The authorities were able to find the body because of the anonymous 911 call. The caller informed the dispatcher of the location of the body. “How do you know a dead body is there?” The dispatcher questioned. The caller said, “I put it there.” After asking for his name, the caller avoided the question and repeated where the body was. The dispatcher instead asked for the victim’s, which was answered with an “I don’t know” and that she was a prostitute. He then stated that the previous two victims were prostitutes as well. The dispatcher asked if the caller killed them as well and if he strangled them. The caller admits to it with a simple “Yeah” and hung up. After the police retrieved Carmen Hunt’s body, the caller phoned again saying “You can smell her.” The dispatcher asked why he killed the women. He responded with, “Because they are scum.” The police located the bodies of Darci Williams, 25, and Claudette Juniel, 31. Their necks were broken and they had been strangled with their own clothes. Two days after the bodies were found, a former prostitute flagged

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