The Murder Of A Kidnapping Case Essay

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False Reporting Mr. Patton began a relationship with the victim of a kidnapping case for which he was the lead detective. When he began to think the relationship details might be revealed, he reported himself as being the victim of a stalker. Patton made claims that Jane Doe sent him multiple text messages on his police department issued cell phone. He further claims he had been asking her to stop sending these messages. When detectives continued their investigation, it revealed the text messages between Jane Doe and Patton. These messages on her phone completely contradict his statement that he wanted the relationship to be at an end.
Legal Definition
Under C.R.S. § 18-8111, a person has committed a false report to authorities if he or she knowingly: provides false identifying information to law enforcement authorities. Patton clearly has committed a false report when he told his supervisor and investigators of his being stalked by Jane Doe. He even admitted the only reason he came forward is the fear that his relationship would be revealed. He wanted to stay one step ahead of her because he knew this could mean trouble for his career.
Public Reaction In cases such as that of Paul Patton, public opinion will more than likely be harsh. Police departments across the United States are filled with hard working men and women who want to do a good job. All of these men and women are quickly forgotten when a case like that of Mr. Patton emerges. As a citizen and…

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