The Multiple Determinants Of Health Essay

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Question 1 – Describe the multiple determinants of health
Health detriments can be found in every community. Social environment includes friends, family, and associates. What we learn at home is our first learned behavior which influences our daily decision making. Guardians pass on good and bad behaviors to their children. It is up to us to distinguish what to keep. Physical environment is another determinant to health. Living in a rural area is very difficult to access care due to distance. Urban areas have more public transportation options. Transportation barriers lead to rescheduled or missed appointments, delayed care, and missed or delayed medication use. These consequences may lead to poorer management of chronic illness and thus poorer health outcomes. (Syed, Gerber, and Sharp, 2013). In rural areas, physicians will be further from the home and people will be less likely to make visits. Grocery stores, fresh farms, and gyms will also be future away from your home. Urban areas have more healthy options and transportation. There are also various advertisements that are published against bad health behaviors. Rural communities do not have the luxury of these ads. There are also fewer activities for young adults to do. This is considered a health detriment because they are more prone to do drugs with their free time and not exercise. Access to quality healthcare will also act as a deterrent. A primary health physician is there not only to provide yearly checkups but…

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