The Mughal Empire: The History Of The Mughal Empire

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Mughal empire:
Origin and Administration

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Beginning of the Mughal Empire
The history of Mughal’s in India started when Baber conquered India. He was the founder of the Mughal dynasty in India. He invaded India several times. In his final invasion he became the master of Delhi after the war in Panipat in 1526. Baber fell seriously sick and died in 1530. His son Humayun succeeded him. Humayun was derived of his empire so he travelled abroad as a landless person. His son, Akbar was born in Sind in 1542. Humayun conquered india in 1555 with the support of the Persians. A year later he died by falling off the stairs. During
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They were not despotic or oppressive like their contemporary rulers. When their officers made some major mistakes then only they were not punished but usually pensioned off with land grants. confiscation or humiliation of a noble was not in favour and was totally unknown. Only in very rare circumstances they were punished and met violent ends. Even after a battle only in exceptional cases the nobles of the defeated side was executed.
The Mughal system of coinage was tri metallic, made with copper, silver or gold. Their coins had the highest degree of purity. During the 15th century the quality of the coins was decreasing. Sher Shah made a 178 grains of coin of pure silver. At the end of 16th century under the kingship of Akbar rupee was made the basic unit of currency.
It is right that the Mughal army was a cavalry force but its wrong to think that artillery had no place. Two new sources that modernism gave to Mughal Polity are - silver influx and artillery. Mughal policies were just and humane. Author suggests that we should not treat the Mughal Empire as the last line of a succession of traditional indian empires. We should also not owe its success to one man Akbar only but also to the circumstances and atmosphere in which it was

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