Han China And Gupta Empire Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Although Han China and Gupta India were politically stable, Han China’s developing bureaucracy was centralized, while Gupta India was much more regionalized. Han China and Gupta India both featured extensive internal trade; however Gupta India was more involved with trade. Both empires had many intellectual achievements but Han China had much more innovative achievements, as in improving things, while Gupta India was much more dynamic, meaning the Indians worked on theories and then proved them.
Something the Gupta Empire and the Han Empire had in common was that the emperors of these empires both believed they were chosen from the gods to rule. Han China had a very centralized bureaucracy which meant the emperor ruled over China, and this helped the rulers rule over a vast amount of land. The bureaucracy was capable of carrying out the duties of a complex state. In Gupta India, however, their government was regionalized meaning there were many local rulers ruling over certain regions. There was not much emphasis on politics in Gupta India so they did not
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The Gupta Empire was more dynamic than the Han, meaning it was open and branched out much more. During the time of the Gupta Empire, they developed pieces of literature and Indian drama flourished. Their most notable intellectual achievements were the Indian numbering system, the concept of zero, and the decimal system. In the Han Empire, people were encouraged to not stray away from practicality. Chinese scientists were always improving their machinery and they invented a seismograph. The Han focused more on how things worked, which is why Chinese scholars would study the mathematics in

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