Essay about The Moynihan Report Of 1965

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The Moynihan Report of 1965 became one of the most talked about pieces during 1960s. At the time the report was written, Daniel Patrick served as Sectary for policy planning for The Department of Labor. The report was very controversial during that time; it spoke of the racial issues African American faced, education barriers, employment barriers, single family homes. It was during a time where African Americans were fighting for equality as well as liberty. Moynihan received great criticism from African American authors as well as from the black community. Fifty years later in 2013 the Moynihan Report Revisited was released by The Urban Institute. The Moynihan Report Revisited was done to see how has black families changed over the years according to the findings of original Moynihan Report.

Moynihan Report of 1965
The Moynihan Report of 1965 written by Daniel Patrick Moynihan was written during the height of the Civil Rights movement, which Negro Americans were demanding their rights to be treated equally as other races. Moynihan stated “that the gap between the Negro and most other groups in American society is widening” (Moynihan, 1965). Reason for that widening gap is family structure. Moynihan believed that “the Negro families in the urban ghettos are crumbling, due to poverty” (Moynihan, 1965). He referred to the issues as a “tangle of pathologies”. Two important issues Moynihan used through the report to support his argument are the absence…

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