The Movie ' When Billy Broke 's Head ' Essay

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In the film “When Billy Broke his Head” by Billy Golfus I understood several things about people with brain injuries. There are certain things people with brain injuries can and cant do. This injury may not stop the person from doing day-to-day activities, but leaves no trust in other people because that individual sees a barrier between them being a regular person. In the film, a survivor himself told the story and this gives us insight of how it really is living with a disability due to a server accident. This brain injury stopped this individual from getting jobs and getting a regular paycheck because they said he had a disability and couldn’t work. The story digs deeper into other people lives that are surrounded around Billy’s life and things they do to get the movement started up.
In the story Billy doesn’t start off with any disability and he is a normal guy that lives a normal life. When Billy has his accident his brain and body will never be the same due to a head injury. His limitations to walking, driving, and doing day-to-day activities will never be the same. Limitations for Billy included not getting the same attention he used to get back in the day before he got his brain injury. Waking up and dealing his left arm not having any motion to it makes it hard for him to drive around. He can’t remember much of anything due to the brain injury so he forgets about information during the day. Due to his arm not having motion he can’t type on the computer but with one…

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