The Movie ' Transfixed Details The Journey Of A Trans Woman By The Name Of Martine Stonehouse

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The film Transfixed details the journey of a trans woman by the name of Martine Stonehouse who is looking to complete her transition from male to female by undergoing sex reassignment surgery. According to the film’s website, Martine’s husband’s is the driving force behind her decision to undergo sex reassignment surgery(). Her husband’s influence is evident throughout the movie, as he repeatedly tells Martine that he would like to marry a ‘proper woman’ and refuses to continue their romantic relationship unless she “gets a vagina.” () In addition to her husband consistently pressuring her to undergo surgery, Martine is haunted by the way she was being treated when she was a self-identified trans woman who was biologically male and the way she is being treated as a biological female. The film details the relationship between Martine’s gender identity and how her husband’s sexual orientation and the gender roles implemented by society affected Martine’s decision to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

Martine is introduced to the audience as a male to female transexual who is looking to undergo sex reassignment surgery to complete her transition. Prior to her surgery, the audience is aware that Martine is a biological male. Martine’s biological sex affects her interactions with some of her friends, as she encounters a an old friend at an auto show who refers to Martine by the pronoun “he.” Martine makes an attempt to correct her friend, and explains to him that she now…

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