The Movie ' Snowy ' Essay

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Snowy couldn 't believe it. He had been the leader for only eight hours and he already wanted to quit. There was no way that he or any of the gang could defeat even one of the forty foot tall mechanical beasts that where trying to end the world. The gang looked up at him because he was leader but how could he lead. “Can you please repeat what you just said?” asks Cougy as he rubbed his head against his paw. “They have two things that caught out attention.” repeats Midnight “One thing was a star from our dreams and the next was the people of our town where in there with a red and black star attached to their head 's. And the star 's controlled the people minds. The people where moving around like zombies talking about the robots and destroying the world . Oh and the people called the robots thunkers.” “That was more information then what you said last time.” says Lumo “I think the name thunkers fit the big robot but what about the smaller robots?” “Heck, I don 't know, why don 't you go and ask the smaller robots.” replies Swaj as he breaks out in laughter. “Acorns and pine cones” mumbles Acorn as she lies down. For the first time the gang realizes she had fainted. “I think she will be okay.” says Wolfy as she inspects Acorn “No broken bones as far as I can tell.” “First things first.” says Snowy as he looks around. “We need weapons or something close to them. The robots are made mostly made of metal so something like a club or a pipe would do good.” “Ahem”…

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