Essay The Movie ' Miss Congeniality '

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The movie Miss Congeniality was released in 2000. The film presents the image of a woman against the prototype that society believe is the correct behave of a woman. Is really important please society? The protagonist is manipulated during the whole movie to assume a personality that she does not possess. At the beginning of the plot she is against the Gender Socialization which later she had to change. Then, she adapt new manners just to please society. As a requirement for the role, she has to dress more feminine being influenced by clothing and socialization. To complement a feminine role, Gracie Hart had to learn about Gender policing to adjust her personality to society requirements. Most of the change is influenced by the media and peers which at the same time has a relation with sex segregation. However, I do not think so because people should act and be as best suits you. The Gender Socialization principle is represented at the beginning of the film, which is the social expectation from the attitude of an individual depending of the gender (Heins-Gelder, Chapter 4 , slide 4). In this case, a girl who represents the role of Gracie Hart, Sandra Bullock in her childhood, gets involved in an argument between the boys. This is considered as an inappropriate behavior in a girl, and her conduct is rejected by the boys. Her fighting may be seen by some viewers as male behavior. If Grace is performing or involving herself in male problems and fights she is not a normal…

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