The Movie ' Django Unchanged ' Essay

1762 Words Jan 25th, 2016 8 Pages
I chose to write about Django Unchanged. I’ve seen the movie before, and knew it was not one of those films that depicted the Old South in a glorified way. It is a raw, and disturbing movie. It truly does a good job and showing people what slavery was really like. It was interesting to me to watch this film again, after what I had learned throughout this course. The first thing I noticed was that Django and Dr. King Schultz were the others in the film. This film was set two years before the Civil War. Obviously, during that time, African Americans were not viewed as people. Dr. Shultz stood out to me the most. He lived his life very differently than most people in that time. The very first example of this is in the first scene. Django is with a group of other slaves, chained, and be transported somewhere. Dr. Shultz stops them and “purchases” Django. He also gives the other slaves a gun, to kill the man transporting them, and directs them to the North. He lets Django on a horse, which was not something a slave was allowed to do at the time. Another Example of how Dr. Shultz is an other is when he allowed Django in the saloon. The townspeople and sheriff were horrified that an African American was inside a building, but Dr. Shultz encouraged him to come in. Django can also be seen as an other. I believe this is true because he is so different than other slaves during that time. I’m sure a lot of this had to do with Dr. Shultz allowing it, but still. He was allowed on…

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