Essay on The Movie ' Boys Beware '

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Boys beware is a short film that illustrates how homosexuals prey upon young boys and display them as sexual predators. This video is not effective for the intended contemporary audience because homosexuals are seen in a different sense of light in the new generation. This film gave false accusations about homosexuals, and portraits them as the villains in our society. Our society is filled with straight child predators, and how children are raped but that is not even reflected upon this short film. When reflecting upon the film Boys Beware, it was rhetorically ineffective because the intended contemporary audience is given false information about homosexuals, and how the film is biased towards homosexuality.
Moreover, the first scenario in the short film was how jimmy a boy was trying to hitch hike ride back from baseball practice, and an older man named Ralph gave him a ride home. When analyzing Ralph, this short film didn’t use ethos very well to make him a creditable to show that he was homosexual. If a contemporary audience saw how the homosexual child predator displayed in this movie wore small sunglasses, had a small mustache, or looked sketchy they could have just concluded that he was just a child predator, if Jimmy was in present in the scene. This film didn’t make the character believable and didn’t utilize the ethos that could have been used to develop each individual better. Even more, the narrator of the film describes homosexuals, as “A person who demands…

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