The Movie ' 12 Years A Slave ' By Solomon Northrop Essay example

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Over time, media has become a huge part of the development of historic memory. There is a line between what is historical fact, and what has been imperfectly depicted in media, such as film. Oftentimes, it has been the latter of those two. The movie 12 Years A Slave, however, rejects this notion, and presents a story that is not rife with historical inaccuracy, unlike many others. The film, directed by Steve McQueen, is a historical drama film, and an adaptation of the memoir 12 Years A Slave, written by Solomon Northrop. The novel was closely followed throughout the film, not sparing the viewer any graphic detail. As with all historical recollection, there cannot be 100% accuracy, and 12 Years A Slave is no exception. There are moments throughout the film where one may question the actuality of that scene, but for the most the movie sticks to a historically accurate experience.
12 Years A Slave follows Solomon Northrop throughout his journey as a kidnapped free man, forced into slavery. He is taken from his life in New York, and placed into the south with a new name, and a new identity, a slave. The first thing to note is that while this seems unusual, it was not at all a unique situation, and this flow of kidnapped blacks from the north to the south is known as the reverse underground railroad. Nowhere does a single marker or historic site recognize the stream of humanity forced to make a reverse passage from north to south, from liberty into bondage. The movie draws…

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