The Motives Of Serial Killers Essays

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Law enforcement officials and criminologists have attempted to study the motives of serial killers for years. Each serial killer has specific, distinct motivations, however, there are categorized patterns or typologies. The first typology is visionary serial killers. Visionaries commit murder at the command of psychotic breaks such as listening to voices from deities like God and the Devil. While many serial killers do not have a specific type of victim, visionaries have an ideal victim and select them based on their own logic (Bonn). An example of this is David Berkowitz, also known as the Son of Sam, who murdered six people from thirteen attacks in a one year span, from July 1976 to July 1977. Berkowitz claimed his neighbor’s dog was “possessed by an ancient demon [and] issued commands to [him] to kill” (“David”). Berkowitz’s ideal victims were women, being five out of his six murder victims. The man he killed, Alexander Esau, was collateral damage since Berkowitz aimed to kill Esau’s girlfriend Valentina Suriani, whom he also managed to kill. Berkowitz failed to make himself accountable for the murders and blamed his murderous agenda on pornography addiction and his neighbor’s dog, fitting the visionary profile perfectly. The second typology is the mission-oriented serial killer. The mission-oriented killers believe they are ridding the world of a group of people they deem filthy (Endsley). These groups of people range from prostitutes and homosexuals to Jews and…

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