Essay about The Mother Of The Sheep

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When interviewing Ms. Yazzie she stated that she came from a dysfunctional home where it was mainly her grandmother who taught and raised her. Linda’s mother was dealing with emotional issues with her husband so both were not able to provide a safe and loving home environment. The most important thing Linda learned from her grandmother was how to weave but also how to take care of the sheep. Was told that weaving will help you whenever you’re in need of help it will provide clothing, trade for food, and a way to support yourself and family. She was taught in the hogan where there was no electricity, running water, and TV only the basic necessities. Linda grandmother would taught her how to weave by placing her on her grandmother lap and demonstrating how to run the yarn through the warp, demonstrate using the weaving comb to push down the yarn, and the different types of weaving. Her grandmother taught her ten different types of rugs. Also learning how to take care of the sheep took place outside in the sheep corral and when they would herd them away from the home site. The material s used for weaving was the loom, yarn, weaving comb, batten, spindle, carding brush, herbs, and needles. Over time she lost about ¾ of the information taught her all because education was more important due to the home environment. Today she only knows how to weave two types of rugs out of the 10 different types she was taught. Does not prepare the yarn from the sheep or dye the yarn only…

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