The Most Vital Instrument Of National Power Essay examples

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The most vital instrument of national power in the West’s interactions with the world is military might, because without the coercive efforts of their militaries none of their diplomatic polices and ideas could have effectively impacted foreign nations. Over the centuries, the one constant fact that if a nation had the desire to conquer or rule another, it needed a strong military whether that would be to coercive or protect its interests. The most ideal case of a country using its military might is no waging war, but deterring it. This occurs by finding the delicate balance of threatening nations’ security without forcing them into an arms race. Unfortunately, events show that this balance is hard to achieve, and once a nation feels too threaten or seeks what is not theirs war is destined to occur. Carl Von Clausewitz said it perfectly, “war is the continuation of politics by other means.” War is used for many reasons, typical selfish in nature, but nevertheless effective in achieving those goals. Throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, Western nations used their militaries to dominate the nations of Africa, Asia, and the Americas, thereby assimilating their ideologies to match their own.
During the 18th century the West started connecting with the outside word by expanding its borders through colonization. These colonies were original developed to allow for the expansion of Western ideas and to nurture economic development. Over time most of the colonies,…

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