The Most Intolerant Parts Of My Mind Wants Rail Against Freud As A World Class Quack

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The most intolerant parts of my mind wants rail against Freud as a world class quack; however, I do appreciate a few things he has contributed to my understanding of the world.

First and foremost, I value his insights on the interplay of conflicting elements individuality, autonomy, and social conformity. As I understood the reading, Freud want us to acknowledge that the technological progress and cultural enlightenment that are nourished in the sphere of civilization was not wholly liberating and does not free humanity from the or some sort of Weltschmerz (world-weariness…Sadness over the evils of the world, especially as an expression of romantic pessimism.).

Freud is reminding us that the successful existence of the society comes with sort of fiduciary duty for members to uphold the articles associated with social norms, mores and ethics. Kultur (culture emphasizing practical efficiency and individual subordination to the state) by definition come with a cost paid in individual freedom. Maybe, the higher the society, the great the subordination?

I believe Freud was acknowledging that modernity has not diminished the primordial, sometimes base tendencies of humankind. Freud was promulgating a belief that while the natural state of the human had been largely subjugated, there is always some remnants of savageries deep within. After all, the natural condition of humankind without a common power keeping us all in awe, is a condition known as ‘war’; and it…

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