Essay on The Most Important Years For A Child

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The first years are the most important years for a child. During this time, they develop motor skills such as walking and moving their arms. They also learn how to eat, talk, laugh, and smile. Toddlers begin to acknowledge colors and shapes, as well as letters and numbers. One of the most important factors that they begin to pick up on during this time is behavior. Young children watch and mimic almost everything they see someone or something do, especially those closest to them, such as mom and dad. They also begin to differentiate between right and wrong. How parents act and respond to the child’s actions early on can have a lasting impact on the behavior of the child well into his or her adult years. The way a parent or guardian can discipline a child can be described in three categories: permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative (Baumrind). A permissive parent or guardian is one who does not exert much control into the child’s behavior. The actions of a permissive parent or guardian tend to be similar to a friend rather than an authoritative figure to the child. This type of parenting uses little to no form of punishment, and make very few demands pertaining to the behavior of the child (Dornbusch). A permissive parent or guardian attempts to be acceptant and affirmative towards a child’s actions, impulses, and desires (Baumrind). They imply to the child that they are a tool for he or she to use, instead of an authoritative figure that wants to help…

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