Essay The Most Important First Lady

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The Most Important First Lady
There has never been given enough credit to many of those who deserve it. Our past and previous presidents of the United States were quite important, but what about their wives? The first ladies of every one of our presidents played incredible roles within the country. I believe, that they each had their own unique way of handling their job as mothers of the United States. America’s first First Lady was Martha Washington, who was then succeeded by Abigail Adams and Dolly Madison, the second and fourth first ladies of the United States. Martha led as our very independent first First Lady, Abigail carried on taking an active role in politics and policy, and Dolly Madison was noted for her social gifts. In pure curiosity and since it has been oftenly asked, who was the most important First Lady? Each individual has their own opinion, as I am one of them. Although it is a tough question, even after a great amount of research, there is still plenty of ways to indicate each of their differences leading to an answer.
President George Washington’s wife, Martha Washington (Dandridge as her maiden name & Custis before she remarried), was our “sociable pretty kind of woman” first First Lady. She was born on June the second of 1731 in Virginia, a colony that struggled to survive because of diseases, starvation, high mortality, and a series of internal conflicts. Her parents, John Dandridge and Frances Jones, left Martha a respectable inheritance with 10…

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