The Most Fascinating Thing About The Human Race Essay

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The most fascinating thing about the human race is that each of us are capable of complex thought. The one thing that all of us have in common is the relevancy our family, biological relation, or not, has in shaping who we are as individual people. My family of origin has played a role in molding who I am today, and who I am working towards to becoming.
I was born on the Fourth of July at Edwards Air Force Base, located in California. I define family as being my immediate family, plus a couple of others who have been just as big of a part of my life; When I was growing up my family consisted of my mom, dad, younger brother, and I. Now that I am 26, my family members are my mom, dad, brother. In addition to my family of origin, I consider the following people as being a part of my family; my Godmother, boyfriend, his father, my pet cat, and pet rabbit.
My parents split up after my brother and I had both become legal adults and officially divorced in 2013. My brother, Josh, currently lives with my mother, and, my father lives with his girlfriend. I currently reside with my boyfriend, his father, my cat, and my rabbit. My Godmother lives Pennsylvania, and even with distance between us we still talk everyday. I have different expectations for each member in my family, individually, but overall I my expectations are similar across the board.
I expect that the members of family can be confided in, that they can offer me advice when I am looking for it. I also expect honesty from…

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