The Most Deadly Bomb Of The United States Essay

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Author of The Faiths of the Postwar Presidents: From Truman to Obama, David L. Holmes gave an insightful talk on the faiths of the presidents since World War II. Many important decisions that have been made by the presidents of the United States has been influenced on the religious backgrounds whether they consciously or unconsciously recognize their actions as religious decisions. This talk was very interesting as much about the private lives of presidents prior to Bill Clinton was kept very personal, and gaining this knowledge that is not commonly known is fascinating.
After the events that occurred on August 6, 1945 many believed that an apocalyptic turn for the worse was happening to the world. The United States had just dropped the most deadly bomb in the history of time on Hiroshima. As turmoil arises in the nation, citizens look for guidance from their fearless leader, President Harry S. Truman, for advice. Truman, a Southern Baptist, was able to rationalize his rash choice to drop the atomic bomb as something that was needed to protect his country. He believed that God would support his choices as he was in his mind saving the potential lives of millions of Americans that he vowed to protect and serve. The nation was soon at ease seeing their leader stand tall and unafraid as he had God on his side. This concept is something that I have a hard time rationalizing now as American grows more and more secular each day. I believe that Americans would not be able to stand…

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