The Moscow Food Co Op And The Principle Six Movement Essay

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The Moscow Food Co-op and the Principle Six Movement:
Personal Identity in Conflict with the Workplace Readymade
I started working at the Moscow Food Co-op in the summer of 2015. Principle Six (P6) is a marketing tool that was implemented at the Co-op this August. It is named after the Sixth Cooperative Principle: Cooperation Between Cooperatives. Certain items throughout the store are labeled P6 to indicate they were either locally grown, small and independently owned, Cooperative (as opposed to a coalition), or some combination of the three. In theory, the label makes it easier for customers to see where their dollars are going.
With the new tool came new signage, new stickers, new shirts, and a readymade (or pre-constructed) workplace identity. To explore that readymade I will examine the P6 video on the P6 page of the Co-op website. I will be looking at the ethics and emotional draw of the movement, the consumer values it appeals to, and how the P6 readymade identity has tried to edit my identity.
For years growing up I would hear about the hippies that shop at the Co-op (my parents not being among them). I was told they valued bright colors, free love, and vegetables. While this was a somewhat twisted version of the truth, it’s a stereotype that still colors people who shop and work at co-ops. The P6 movement draws on cultural values like fair trade and organic foods, but also inadvertently draws on hippie stereotypes. These values and…

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