The Morality Of Abortion Is An Argument Essay

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The morality of abortion is an argument that has spanned decades with debates on both sides as to whether or not it is right to kill a fetus that is not yet born. Even today, there is still no set motion that humanity follows as a whole, and they have been labelled as being either ‘pro-choice’ or ‘pro-life’ following in their own beliefs as to what is right. There are even many articles, essays, and journals today which exist to validate the point of each of these sides. Many have attempted to make sense of the matter as well including some philosophers. Two of these philosophers include Mary Ann Warren and Don Marquis, who each give their own opinion on the matter quite formally and use many ideologies to back their claims.
Warren herself starts off in her article by stating “it is not possible to produce a satisfactory defense of a women’s right to obtain an abortion without showing that a fetus is not a human being” (Warren 1). By starting off with this statement, she has already made the conclusion that it is not as to whether the act of abortion is the moral issue, but rather the fact of whether or not the fetus can be considered to be human that is the real question, as she makes clear that without a doubt it is impossible to argue the morals if the fetus is a human being. She claims herself that the fetus is not human and as such, does not have the rights to decide whether or not it can be aborted, and that they would stay with the mother as such.
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