Essay on The Moral Teachings Of The Catholic Church

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The Catholic Church has been guiding civil morality since its inception, be it through the Ten Commandments or church dogmatic teaching. However, society no longer looks to the Church as its primary source of moral teaching, especially with the new libertarian doctrines surrounding human life (both neonatal and elderly). Modern society has created a new dogma of conscience that emphasizes the selfish needs of the individual and disregards the needs of the collective. Such an example is Canada’s legalization of euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide with the passing of bill C-384, which states that a person may choose to medically end their life as long as they are lucid and over the age of 18 . People do not understand the Church’s position on controversial issues, such as euthanasia because they do not understand the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. The assumption amongst the less religiously inclined community is that the Church is an “oppressive” institution that is comprised of “old celibate men,” who are unaware of how society has changed. With a deeper understanding of the moral teachings of the church, the reasons why the Church maintains its traditional doctrines towards controversial issues will become abundantly clear. This understanding can be achieved from an in-depth analysis of the doctrine of sin, St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa and how acting morally can promote happiness in the individual.
Through the establishment of certain rules pertaining to the…

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