Essay on The Moral Responsibility Of Children

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Almost daily people face moral dilemmas which require them to make a decision based on their beliefs. The significance of these dilemmas varies for each person, but regardless, all people should at least have their own standards to be accountable for. In today’s times, the possibility of a child not having moral standards is continuously growing. Children who do not learn what acceptable in various moral situations become adults who have no moral compass to guide their decisions. Parents should have an interest in their children’s moral growth because if not guided by the parents, the children will seek guidance elsewhere and would be vulnerable to an outsider’s influence. The parents’ lack of interest in their child’s morality deprives their child of a clear moral belief causing them to look for answers elsewhere. First, parents’ lack of interest in their child’s morality derives from the thought that children live in innocence and never actually have to deal with moral issues at such a young age. In reality, children have complex emotions and moral thoughts similar to adults. Coles explains in his article they do actually deal with moral issues at a young age: “[T]hey also need constant regard for the moral issues that come their way as soon as they are old enough to play with others and take part in the politics of the nursery, the backyard and school room” (Coles, 2013, p. 441). Moral issues begin as soon as children can talk or interact with each other. The…

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