Essay on The Moral Reasoning And Perspective Behind The Course

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Throughout life people wander without knowing their true purpose or how they affected people around them. They don’t get to know themselves through and through. A lot of people don’t understand why or how they become important. It is the main reason why I believe everyone should take a theology course. The moral reasoning and perspective behind the course changes the way things are seen and interpreted. Michael Himes is a man of many words. He expressed himself exquisitely in the last lecture. He expressed that a way to be a whole human being is giving ourselves to others. The lecture had implacable meaning. In the last lecture, Himes stated experience is important. Experience and tradition is a huge part in becoming yourself and giving yourself away. This course stated that we need to experience and listen to other people’s experience to fully develop. We can’t be blindsided by our views and not listen to what other people say or what other people have experienced. In Character, Choices & Community it’s stated that, we have to look “at the experience of others we attempt to understand the larger shape, implications and consequences of our choices and actions.” The point of experience is to try to understand that ourselves and not just everyone has experiences, and that we don’t experience different things. In one way or another, we experience something similar. Experiences is to be heard and understood. I believe that a way to be fully human is to understand what people…

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