Essay on The Moral Principle Of Equal Consideration Of Interests

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We take it as a given that we ought to treat all human beings equally, i.e. that we must give equal consideration of interests to all human beings. Singer argues that we should extend our moral principle of equal consideration of interests to animals. Excluding them on the grounds of species difference is parallel to the reasoning behind racist and sexist attitudes and hence morally impermissible. Furthermore, Singer argues that there is no moral feature exclusive to humans which could grant our interests additional moral consideration. If Singer is right, then practices which carry out painful experiments on animals (rather than humans) in order to improve the lives of humans, such as finding cures for certain diseases, are morally unjustified. We would have no moral grounds for arguing that the animal interest to not suffer should be placed below a human’s. In this essay, I will focus my examination on the part of Singer’s claim where he argues that there is no moral quality within humans that isn’t also found within animals. I will defend Singer’s claim by arguing that even the most promising argument, the argument from misfortune, leads to the unsavoury implication of excluding certain human beings from our equality principle.

Overview of Essay:
In section 1, I explicate Singer’s position on treating alike interests differently between animals and humans. In section 2, I briefly examine the future like ours argument as a counter-response but ultimately agree with Singer…

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