How To Be Treated Equally Essay

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Ronaldo Preciado
English 10
15 October 2014
Treated Equally There are 206,072,000 total numbers of Americans that are eligible to vote yet only 146,311,000 are registered to vote. People have many perspectives on candidates, law agreements or even smaller things like taking a certain path. Their perspectives chance as they grow up and experience different situations and their surroundings they grow up with. What people decide on bigger decisions like votes for presidents and laws can change the world or for the next generations drastically because every vote counts. If we were to have a state or country that doesn 't allow the general will the availability to have elections then a good percentage of people would be unhappy. The
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People would have the freedom to vote and no one would be left out since every human 18+ would be welcomed. Doesn’t mean everyone would be happy since the outcome might not be what you wanted but trying is better than not doing. Being able to vote for certain laws, presidents or anything that would benefit the general will is always good and more of the people would be encouraged to vote since the decision may help them. “Still, each man’s power and freedom are his main means of self-preservation” (Rousseau 1). Freedom is one thing every human needs. It’s a basic way of life, free but not 100% free since people will abuse it and try to use their freedom as an excuse in court. Being able to do many political activities like voting or joining some political party freely no matter you skin color or any other restriction is freedom, if you weren 't accepted then it’s just racist. Locke states, “Man being born, as has been proved, with a title to perfect freedom, and an uncontrolled enjoyment of all the rights and privileges of the law of nature, equally with any other man” (2). You will be born with freedom, if you have a disease, little sickness or anything else, you will not be treated different to other babies so you’ll still have freedom. You will be born with freedom and you will live your whole life …show more content…
One major thing this similar democratic system will help solve would be LGBT rights. Since anyone would be accepted in that community, LGBT people will be able to vote for a law that can be brought upon that cause. If people’s thoughts and voice weren’t to be heard or apart of the government then LGBT people would never get their equality between each other. Freedom to love who you want shall be given to them and should be accepted by everyone. They will be able to get married and not have to wake up every day worried someone today will laugh at me and call me names. I’ll wake up treated equally as everyone else and be accepted by

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