The Moral Code Of People 's Mind As The River Essay

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Once upon a time, a little pony need to go across a river, however, he cannot be sure about the depth, then he decided to ask other villagers. Mr. Ox told him the river was shallow and just over his ankle, but tiny squirrel said the river was so deep that one of her friends was drowned in this river. What should little pony do, go across the river or find a bridge?
Resembling morality in people’s mind as the river in this story, it is indeed varied between individual members, which indicates that the rightness and wrongness of a behavior depends on individual’s thinking; for instance, if one person believes such action is right, then it is morally right for him or her. Meanwhile, the moral code is also different from cultures to cultures, which implies that the judgment of right or wrong of a behavior is related to the local society and custom.
Mackie believes that the best explanation of variations in moral views is that moral judgments “reflect adherence to and participation in different ways of life”. This argument means that since each person’s experiences of lives differs from others, then they will see things at different perspective; therefore, the disparity appears among them and leads to different judgment for specific behavior. For example, an old man with crutch gets on a full-seated bus at night on a weekday, and we all know that when bus-driver brakes, people sometimes lose balance. Therefore, as a young and health passenger with no disability, should the…

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