The Money : The Golden Ticket Essay

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The Taxpayers: Our Golden Ticket To Free Education Once upon a time in swim’s (someone who isn’t me) life, there was the greatest teacher that ever lived. Swim admired this teacher very much. She taught at a prestigious private elementary school called Golden Ivy. This was one of the most expensive schools in the area. Her name was Mrs. Takyurmuny. This teacher specialized in math. Chewing gum and texting on cellphones were various activities that were not prohibited in this teacher’s classroom. One day when Swim came into class, after doing study groups for our test previously that week, she had decided to give us a break and let us watch Napoleon Dynamite, eat popcorn, and drink pop for the remainder of the class.
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Oh how swim loved this teacher much. It occurred to swim one gloomy day when he had come home from school that he might not ever see Mrs. Takyurmuny ever again. Swim’s father, A highly recognized legal accountant for a fortune 500 corporation, had been given bad news that he would be laid off and no longer be able to return for the year. This drove our family into the hole and we were unable to pay off the debt we had occurred over the following months. We were forced to move into the inner city where I would then attend a public school that was paid for by the taxpayers. Fearing that the experience swim would have at this school would make swim grow up to be a garbage collector or something else that wasn’t in Swim’s dreams. It was fortunate enough…

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