The Modern Era Advanced The Biological Science Industry Essay

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The modern era advanced the biological science industry with the introduction of biotechnology. The biotech industry allowed the use of technological advancements that assist the use of research. Biotech has also allowed scientist to look at biological topics from a microscopic scale to a nanoscopic scale. One of the biggest innovations is the ability to research single cells. The research of single cells is a topic that is able to be assisted by Fluidgm technology, a biotech company that focuses on developing and manufacturing instruments, kits and reactants for single cell biology and high throughput screening.
Fluidgm technologies as well as other biotech companies incorporate the central dogma of molecular biology (DNA-RNA-Proteins) into their inventions. The central dogma of molecular biology, when analyzed contributes distinct information about their individual functions and their “system of interests”. DNA is able to be directly amplified and measured using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which alter small quantities of DNA to a useable amount. On the other hand, RNA is difficult to amplify directly as a result, the RNA is first converted into DNA which is then measured using PCR. Proteins are analyzed differently, instead of using PCR they are measured with antibodies that are specific to the protein of interest.
Single cell research has proven to reveal new insights on cells and cellular heterogeneity .Individual cells are inhibiting the same DNA however, each…

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