Essay The Mission Statement And A School Improvement Plan

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1. Can each stakeholder articulate the vision/mission of that building, campus, or corporation? How do you know? Do they own it? Do they believe it?

Pierre Moran stakeholders cannot articulate the vision/mission of our building. There is a mission statement at the bottom of the school’s website, but that was created by former building leaders over 15 years ago. Starting last year before I arrived at Pierre Moran they were evaluated by AdvancED and this year I was to look at standard one in their review and provide evidence of these items in the building. One of the items was the mission statement. My partner and I talked about the mission statement and a school improvement plan from years ago that has since been removed from the site this school year, but we felt like there is not a current mission statement. We brought our thoughts back to the rest of the school leadership team (SLT) and they agreed that we do not have a mission. Over the last five years the school has had a different principal. So, what was in for a year was changed which explains the lack of consistency. This year the new principal, who taught in the building for the last 15 years and was a first year assistant principal last year, is trying to make sure that we develop a mission statement. I’m not sure if that is our true focus right now because we are working on building staff morale and making sure we are more student centered than teacher centered. Our teachers are not happy and our school is…

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