The Miseducation Of Masculinity And Masculinity Essay

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The Miseducation of Masculinity Since the beginning of time, society shapes the way we view the male species. The words synonymous with the word “male” and male characteristics are macho, virile, masculine and strong. In contrast to the words synonymous to female, words such as soft, delicacy, excessive softness and feminine are used to describe female characteristics. The question posed when comparing these characteristics is why women, the bearers of children, are not defined as strong? The answer is simple. We have been miseducated on the meaning of male and masculinity. Due to this lapse in societal judgment, society itself, now have a predatory epidemic to be addressed. Women are being objectified and sexualized for male enjoyment. Women, today, fall victim to the angry hands formed by the notion of masculinity. During the course of this essay, I shall use two films to examine the issues of sex, sexual violence against women and girls and the concept of masculinity. The first film is a 2015 documentary entitled The Hunting Ground written by Kirby Dick. The second film is a 1994 movie, Once Were Warriors written by Alan Duff. This essay will serve as a brief study of how the miseducation of masculinity effects the women of the world.
Phase I: Issue of Sex
Throughout the documentary The Hunting Ground and the movie Once Were Warriors, sex is used as a means of power and control. All too often this expression of power and control is tied into sexuality. How a woman is…

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