The Misdiagnosis Of Teen Cutting Essay

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The Misdiagnosis of Teen Cutting
“Closed?! How can the pharmacy be closed?! My meds are all gone! I can’t cope without them!! I feel myself losing control already!!!” This frantic dialogue was quite a common thing to hear in my house during my teen years. A young relation of mine had started cutting at a rather tender age. No one knew what triggered it or how it began. All we knew was that her gorgeous alabaster skin was now covered in deep, puckered brown ripples that were mercilessly opened over and over again. No matter how much people would urge, beg, plead, or even threaten her, she did not seem to be able to stop on her own. Without any hint as to the cause or any hope of an end, she was taken to see a psychiatrist. After a brief half hour meeting, my relative left that office with four different prescriptions and the diagnosis of suicidal, mental instability, heavy depression, multiple personality disorder, and AHDH.
Only 30 minutes before, she had been a perfectly normal fourteen year old girl with a cutting issue. Now she was a fourteen year old girl with had a cutting issue who was also a nutcase. And despite all the diagnosis, the cause of her cutting had not been discovered. She had merely told the doctor that she cut, limiting all her information after that. The psychiatrist took this meager offering and turned a saddened little girl into a mental monster. From that day on, things began to change. With each pill she swallowed, she believed more and more that…

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