Essay on The Misconceptions Of Native Americans

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1. The misconceptions with Native Americans run ramped throughout society. It stems from the misunderstandings and no realization of different customs preformed by this indigenous cultures. One common misconception is the misconception that indigenous people were war hungry and savage people. This misconception is untrue but N. Scott Momaday does play upon it in his description of the captured white social worker named Milly. He talks about he she is a Kiowa captive and she is being made to live with them, but then Momaday flips the tables when he describes her more in depth. He talks about how this so called captive is in a romantic relationship with a man named Abel and how she is happy living with the Kiowa. Essentially, Momaday sets up the misconception of how savage the indigenous people are, but then he goes on to tear this whole theory to they ground by showing how much Milly liked living with the Kiowa. Another common misconception is that Native Americans worship nature. While there is some truth to this most of it is false. For example, in Joy Harjo’s poem White Bear she talks about how she sees a white bear, and while many people think she is referring to Native American culture and religion I do not. I feel as if she is referring to the white culture around her and the superiority it has in indigenous minds. Especially due to the prevalence and dominance bears have within Native American folktale. I think Harjo is playing on the misconception that Native…

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