Trail Of Tears DBQ

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Annika Swenson
Period 6
Research Paper
Natives had lived on American soil for hundreds of years before Europeans had inhabited it(Document E); however, their birthright did not protect them from the wishes of their American neighbors. Through the Indian Removal Act, Natives were forced to take part in a deadly journey which came to be known as the Trail of Tears. The results of the Trail were catastrophic to Natives, Cherokees alone lost 4000 people on the Trail(Document D); overall, one in four people who relocated died on the way(Document J). Initially, Americans wished for the Natives to adopt the American culture and quit their “savage” and filthy ways(Document J). However, the natives “were a clean people, when compared to the white English, German, and Scots-Irish settlers”(Document A) moving into their territory. For example, many people wanted them to remain in one area (Natives were initially nomadic) and convert to Christianity. Though many tribes had begun to adopt the American lifestyle(Document J), their land was still highly sought after amongst Americans for cotton uses(Document B). Despite their land
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Jackson’s face remains in the wallet of many Americans today. It is unreasonable to glorify someone responsible for the alienation and demise of thousands(not even including his time as a general), especially with accepting notions throughout the nation. Moreover, Jackson was partially responsible for the collapse of the second bank of America, it is unfitting for his face to be plastered on money(New York Times). Rather than keep figures of the non acceptance on America’s currency, many people have advocated for more diverse people from our History. The US is supposed to be a welcoming place where opportunities are abundant, an intolerant slave owner is not a good representation of the US(That one book which talks about

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