The Mis-En-Scene In The Wizard Of Oz

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To begin off, the mis-en-scene has a considerable measure to say about the film. At the point when the motion picture first starts, Dorothy is on her Kansas ranch, (her home). The scene is in grey tones, as strain emerges and negative demeanor takeover the homestead when Dorothy's canine, Toto, is taken from her. Dorothy wishes her and Toto can go somewhere together where noone will discover them. A tornado blasts through the Kansas ranch, flying houses through the air and bicyclists in a winding wind. Dorothy awakens after the tornado just to acknowledge she is not in Kansas any longer. The state of mind and view of the motion picture instantly change when Dorothy enters the brilliant and mysterious place that is known as Oz. The way the lighting impacts were utilized as a part of Oz gave viewers a feeling of separation from Oz and Kansas. …show more content…
Creator Framk Baum may have had a more profound significance than lions and scarecrows bound profound inside of his script. The Wizard of Oz was composed and delivered amid the Modern Age. The Modern Age, as we probably am aware, gave headways in tin, additionally a lack on gas. At the point when Dorothy touches base in Oz, she meets the Tin Man. The Tin Man is by all accounts stuck, as his joints are hardened and powerless. Whenever asked, he says he has no oil to extricate them

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