The Ministry Of The Missional Church Essay

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According to Craig Van Gelder, writer of “The Ministry of the Missional Church, “The book of Acts is a natural starting point for gaining insight into the ministry of the Spirit. Acts 2:33 tells us “exalted to the right hand of God, he has received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit and has poured out what you now see and hear.” The entrance of the Holy Spirit brings about some very powerful and profound things, when the believe allows the Ministry of the Spirit to operate in their lives. The believer has to open up and receive the different ministry of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Rick Warren, author of “The Kingdom Life, writes, “the Holy Spirit is the divine person who breathes new life into us.” The most profound gift of the ministry of the Holy Spirit is that they will draw the unsaved sinner to Jesus. This is the most critical ministry of the Holy Spirit to make sure that we have a personal relationship with Him through his Son Jesus Christ. In the book Holy Spirit Holy Living is written by Antipas Harris he expresses that, “we must run toward Christ, who is stronger than sin. We need divine counsel to live righteously before God.” Therefore, the Holy Spirit will convict both the unbeliever and believer. He shows us the errors in our lives, we are all sinners and we have this sin nature in us therefore, we have to understand the errors in our life’s. The believer needs to be convicted from time to time. This conviction allows the believer to see the errors…

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