Essay on The Minimum Drinking Age Act

924 Words Dec 18th, 2016 4 Pages
So you just turned eighteen. New doors are opening and freedom is just exploding out of you. Wooh! You now have the opportunity to do almost anything, well except purchase alcohol. All thanks to the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, requiring U.S. states to raise the age for purchase and possession of alcohol to twenty-one. Drinking is one of the most common social activities in America and this act has been plaguing our youth since 1984 and continues strong to this day. The sad truth is; this law does more harm than good as those underage find new ways every day to get around the law. Approximately ten million underage kids have reported they’ve consumed alcohol before and the law is only leading teens to innovate new methods to get their hands on it. Some partake in daring illegal activities like identify fraud and even theft for the contraband. And some get caught in the act too. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act should be revised to make eighteen the minimum standard because eighteen is considered the start of adulthood, people of that age wouldn’t have to act illegally to consume alcohol, and the easy access to alcohol would eliminate the thrill of risk, or should I say the risk of thrill. Our current drinking age is inconsistent with our definition of adulthood. 21. People are considered to be “adults” when they reach eighteen. We’re allowed the right to vote, get married, and even to be tried as an adult in the court of law. We’re old enough to be captured,…

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