Essay about The Minimum Drinking Age Act

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In 1984 the Minimum Drinking Age Act, also known as MDLA 21, was signed by Ronald Reagan requiring all states to establish a minimum drinking age of 21. The goal of this bill was to reduce the number of drunk driving incidents. Initially traffic fatalities did decline, but those under 21 still continued to drink. This created an “underground” drinking scene where risky and irresponsible decisions occurred that lead to a whole new set of problems. I’m interested in this subject because of the prevalence of underage drinking I am surrounded by in college and how those who choose not to drink are still affected by alcohol. Most people know someone who has been negatively impacted or even killed by another person’s decision to drink. Considering both sides of this argument, it is evident the age of 21 is not working and must change because of the problems that originated from it. This debate has created two passionate sides. Those in favor of keeping the legal drinking age 21 believe if America were to lower it, there would be disastrous effects. The main reason that the MDLA passed was because of the imagined decrease in drunk driving incidents that would have occurred due to a lowered amount of people partaking in drinking. However the facts used to support the higher drinking age are skewed. Drunk driving fatalities began decreasing before the Minimum Drinking Age Act was passed in the 1980s (Engs). The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported the number of people…

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